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Top 6 Posts of 2013

How’s your New Year going? Mine is going awesomely! Okay, so I am broke, I have no job, I’ve been eating rice for a week… but I am NOT letting any of that get me down! This morning when I woke

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5 Just Wrong Christmas Songs

Have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of some of these Christmas songs? They are weird, creepy, and depressing. No, really! Here are some to show you what I mean! I keep hearing these Christmas songs every year… only,

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10 Things I am Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends and family! For this Thanksgiving, here is a list of 10 things I am Thankful for. Chocolate and Coffee. Does that count as two? Well it could, but I love Chocolate in my

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Weekly Surfing!

I almost forgot to update! I forgot about my web surfing idea and deleted my history on Wednesday, so here are seven places I went on the web this week. CNN Iconic Photographs: I think this is by far my

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Redundancies I Love to Hate

Sometimes we say something that is redundant without even thinking about what we said. I catch myself doing it and I cringe. Here are some the ones that really get under my skin. Hot water heater… It’s just a water heater.

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13 Cool Android Apps I MUST have on my Droid

I recently bought a Droid 2 for my upgrade with Verizon Wireless. At first I promised myself I would not add a bunch of apps on my phone… then I found the android marketplace and the android apps and

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Bored? 13 Things to do while sittin’ on your bum.

     My dear friend had surgery the other day and now she is wheelchair/ walker bound for six weeks while her knee heels. She’s going to get bored so my boys and I sat down and made a list of

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