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MAILBAG: Blogging for the unskilled people

Here is a question I received this week on creating and running a blog:  Hola! I was curious to know if setting up a weblog such your own is hard to do for unskilled people? I have been hoping to

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Mailbag: "Your blog died?"

I got an email from an avid reader (Hi Nikky!) that said HEY! Your blog died? What happened? Did you fall in the toilet? Do I need to rescue you? No, my blog did not die. No, I didn’t fall

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Mailbag: "You Commit an Error"

Someone posted a comment to the blog that got dumped in the spam folder. It says: You commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM. we will discuss. There was no name or email though.

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FAQ: Mailbag! Backgrounds part 2

This is part 2 of the original post Where do you get your background? You’ll notice that my background isn’t in the images selection for the blogger template designer. That is because I get my background lay out from The Cutest Blog

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FAQ: Mailbag! Where do you get your background?

I found this email in my inbox this morning I can’t figure out how to get a multi colored back ground like you have on your blog.  I dislike my blog background somewhat, it’s boring.  Oh I know what you

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FAQ How did you find out you are gluten intolerant?

Since I started posting recipes for gluten free foods, I have had a lot of people ask me how I found out I am gluten intolerant. It all started a week after my birthday in 2010 when I got my

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I am back! YEA!

We are back in California. Actually we have been back but I am working at getting organized again. Isn’t that exciting! Today was the boys consultation at school. We are doing great! Good news is that I can turn in

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