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Turn Off the Facebook Ticker! I hate Facebook’s New Layout…

Facebook has really screwed up this time. The first thing I noticed, since I have ADD, is how ridiculous it is to have a ticker running your friends every move on Facebook right there in Facebook. That’s like building a Wal*Mart

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May 21, 2011 The World is going to end tomorrow! Are you ready?

I am all excited and giddy right now! Tomorrow May 21, 2011 the world is going to end! Or that is what some extremists think. If it does, my life will be a lot easier. I won’t have anymore debt,

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It’s getting closer!

Today my friend and I are going to Spokane to pick up my husband while the kiddos stay and play with friends and have an impromptu hang out session. He’ll be here for 10 days for the holiday season. It

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Making my blog pretty!

With spring around the corner, I decided to make my blog look a little better. How do you like it? I think it needs some excitement and I and I was wondering what all of you would like to see…

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Transformers- sneak preview!

Got your attention? It had mine too. We showed up over an hour early, had to park 2 blocks away and walk to the theater and then stood in line for 30 minutes to find out that all the seats

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