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Afghans and Recipes

With the kid’s dad visiting, I have been working on an afghan for Miles’ birthday. I am hoping to get it done by the 15th. I decided to do a granny square in red, black and purple. And if I

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My Bedroom Floor Collapsed

It’s not as horrible as it sounds, but my bedroom floor did give way and scared the pee out of me. My kids and I were all sitting on my bed as my youngest was showing us a new game

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Enjoying a Weekend in the Country!

We are house sitting in the country, about 10 miles outside of Libby, this weekend. I really love it out here. My friend has land out here as well and we are both talking about buying trailer homes and moving

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My hubby made it home safe!

I picked up my hubby from the airport today. On the way I noticed something that I’ve been paying attention to this last week. I think it is hilarious that people in the city buy these huge trucks or SUV’s

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