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Saturday Surfing Web Crawl

Each week while I am researching for posts and just goofing off, I find some interesting links. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes serious, sometimes they are just weird. Here are four links I found interesting this week. Lady Parts Justice

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Friday Hang Out Night with Jillee (sort of)

This weeks hang out night will be hanging out and packing my friend for her move at the end of the month. I didn’t want to share a blog post of us packing an apartment, sorting through stuff, and playing

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Great Article I found

I found this article on Associated Content and wanted to share it because I think it has great tips for long distance parents. Being a military brat and military wife I find it even better! 10 Tips for Long Distance

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Frugal Living

One of my friends asked me what websites I use for saving money and being frugal. She is attempting to learn to be frugal. So here are some of my favorite sites on living frugal in no particular order… For

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