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Surfing the Net at 41,000 Feet. Thanks Southwest

We are flying to San Diego today by way of southwest airlines. After we took off, they announced that we could surf the web using their Wi-Fi. I totally had to try it. Updating my blog at 41,000 feet is

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Getting ready to go…

We are packing and getting ready to go. I’ll be updating here, on my facebook, myspace and twitter so you can follow any of them. All of those are clickable links. Just scroll over the name and click and it

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My hubby made it home safe!

I picked up my hubby from the airport today. On the way I noticed something that I’ve been paying attention to this last week. I think it is hilarious that people in the city buy these huge trucks or SUV’s

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Hello all! Warning: Cussing ahead. Dotchi is pissed at Amtrak!

I am back in San Diego, safe and sound. A bit pissed off at Amtrak… but safe and sound. My swelling is under control now. Let me explain. So I rode the train back from Libby. Libby to Portland was

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