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Weekly Surfing!

I almost forgot to update! I forgot about my web surfing idea and deleted my history on Wednesday, so here are seven places I went on the web this week. CNN Iconic Photographs: I think this is by far my

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Saturday Surfing! Web of Wonders Day!

Can you tell I like alliteration? This week I started searching for new career ideas since I finally came to terms with the fact that I will never again work as a CNA. It’s funny how I can start googling

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Want to Talk to a Machine?

My son showed me a website that made me laugh. It’s called Existor and you can talk to the machine who, occasionally, thinks it’s human and you are a robot or software. It learns from what other people say to

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I am creating a website

In my spare hour each day I am creating a website called “The Cleaning Nymph” to help those of us who can’t stand Fly Lady anymore or what she stands for. I created a blogger blog for the Cleaning Nymph

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