Out Of Milk App: Something Cool I Learned!

Disclaimer: I get paid nothing for this post. I just really like the Out Of Milk app. 

I have the app called Out of Milk on my tablet. I’ve had this on my android phone for a long time and when I got the tablet for Christmas, I added Out of Milk first thing because I use it so much. The two main features I use are sorting the shopping list by category to make my shopping go faster…


You can see the categories in the Non Food Items list. If I added cat food to the list, I would put it under the “PET – CATS” category. Then when I go to buy cat stuff, I don’t have to scroll through the long list searching to see if there is some other cat item I need.

I also use the totaling function. It figures out the price you are going to pay (including tax!) so you don’t have to guess what you are going to spend when you are out.


I do have items I don’t have a price for (like maple syrup in the photo above) but it’s easy enough to add the price to the list when I find maple syrup or just cross it off when I remember how expensive maple syrup is and decide to use honey instead.

The BEST Part: Add to recipe book and shopping list

I learned today that I can add recipes I find online to the shopping list or the recipe book in the app. On my android phone I never noticed this but on the tablet, I am more inclined to play around with the apps and press all the buttons. Here’s how to do it.

First, find a recipe that sounds good. I found this one for Blueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal that I found in her collection of overnight oatmeal. There are other flavors too that you can find here and here, for a total of 14 flavors.


This is what I see on my tablet

Then I click the three squares in the upper right hand corner and get this drop down where I pick “Share page”.


Once I click that, another drop down menu comes up with “Add recipe to Out of Milk”. I select that option (there are a ton of options too, like email, pocket, Facebook, etc)


When I select that option, I get this screen with the ingredients list and I check off what I don’t have.


Then I can click the Add option and I can choose between adding it to my recipe book


This is awesome because I am forever finding a recipe, adding the ingredients, and then forgetting which recipe it was and not being able to find the recipe ever again. Now, I have all the recipes I added ingredients to the list right in the app! You can see my list so far.

If I select “Add to shopping list”, I then get to pick which shopping I add it to. I have shopping lists for each store I shop at but I always start my items out on 1. Shopping List so I can sort the items later. I am a little OCD when it comes to shopping. I also have a Non Food Items list because I like to keep my food shopping separate so I can keep my food budget around $500. I can’t tell if it’s $500-ish if I have a bunch of other stuff on my list too.


Once it adds the items to my shopping list, I go through and edit them to food items I can eat because of allergies.  For example, I would change the oats to “Gluten-free rolled oats” instead. If I can’t find chia seeds (which we have never tried), I would change it to flax-seed. “Skim milk” will become “So Delicious Coconut Milk” and so on.

Now, that I know this nifty feature, next months food list will be so easy to make and I won’t end up with random food I have no idea what they were for.

Happy Tuesday! I’ll see you again definitely on Saturday.

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My 2015 Goals for My Little Chunk of Cyber-dust


With 2014 behind me and a good solid year of therapy chasing me into 2015, I am ready to blog. Well, that… and my ex bought a tablet for me so I can type and blog to my little hearts content while sitting in my recliner. Now I don’t have to worry about the laptop being too heavy for me to lift on my bad days when Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, Epilepsy, and Angioedema starts acting up. YEAH! 

With this exciting development, I have a plan to work myself back into my blogging groove. Here are my goals for 2015 for My Little Chunk of Cyber-dust and my other writing projects.

1. Start by writing two posts a week.

One thing I have learned this last year is that Fibromyalgia is a bitch. I have the biggest kudos to my mom, and many other women, I have met over the years who have lived with this for years. I had NO idea! Now that I do, I understand what they mean by having “bad days” and “good days”. My bad days are debilitating that I can’t even get dressed, cook for myself, or do anything beyond lay in my recliner and cry. I’m not looking for a pity party, just letting you know what I am up against.

Because of that, I decided to post at least twice a week. If I can post more, I will. I decided to make the scheduled posting days on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If I can post other days, I will! But, two days is a lot more realistic for me knowing that I am going to have bad days and I won’t leave you all hanging, wondering what happened to me. 

2. Write more recipes and allergies posts.

I have so many requests for allergy-friendly recipes and information about allergies. I can’t handle too many blogs but I can make a special day for allergy posts on this one. I am still debating… Wednesday? Thursday? If there is an allergy post, it will be on that day. I am voting for Thursday. Anyone else?

3. Be Positive!

In 2014, I realized what a whiny little bitch I had become. First, I am so sorry for all the negativity. Second, this year I am going to change that. While I am not going to throw  myself off the delusions cliff, I am going to stop being what I don’t like and start being the change I want to see in the world. Oh look, a cliché! Yes, I am back!

4. Interact with my readers more

I am not sure how I am going to do this. I have ideas though and it was a thought I had. I interact with the people I know in “real life” but I am such a recluse that I haven’t really been interacting with anyone, except for the EMT guys and the Doctors and Nurses at the Emergency Room. HI GUYS! I need to really work on my human interaction, even if it’s working on interacting with all my readers… not just my family and friends. 

I do have a working plan to interact with people more on social media. I’ll work on getting those links up for you all. It’s a start!

5. Get ideas from readers, bloggers, and anyone else who finds this post.

I am open to suggestions! I have a blogging schedule set, ideas laid out, coffee brewing, chocolate eaten… that’s probably not necessary but, wait. Yes it is!

I would love to hear your ideas though! What goals do you have? Do you have ideas for me? Let me know in the comments! 

One suggestion so far: POST MORE PICTURES! *added to the list*

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My Ex is Awesome!

Most people would not call their ex “awesome” but I can honestly say my ex is AWESOME! I have Fibromyalgia, seizures, chronic pain (to name the big three) and have one heck of a time staying upright long enough to blog or work on my writing.

He heard my lamenting loud and clear! I miss blogging! But since it is not my income, I cannot justify sitting up and hurting myself long enough to get a post out.

So guess what he did. He bought me an RCA Voyager touchpad as my holiday gift. I had been playing around with it and I excitedly report to you all that I can blog! I can blog while sitting reclined in my chair! I can blog without having to ask someone to help me lift my laptop that sits on a heavy piece of wood!


Know what that means? Starting 2015, I have no excuses to not blog. So, stating January 5, 2015 I will be posting regularly. I set my start date for the 5th so I can get an early start on my blog and keep myself motivated.

See you all then!

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Back into Blogging, Slow and Steady!

Oops. After my little sleep issue that I documented on my personal blog, I am back into the world of the living! I muddled through many emotions this last month and thought about blogging the few hours I was awake. I think I am going to plan a blog post for each Friday and make it something fun!

This week, I can tell you I spend time with my kids watching shows and movies. Before, I wasn’t really into shows. I don’t get excited about shows because I have a life… correction… HAD a life.

Now that I am learning to live with a disability, I found that shows give me something to look forward to and I can live vicariously through them. Here is a list of shows we are watching. Comment and let me know what your favorite shows/ movies are.

Castle started my love for shows again. My oldest son insisted that I watch it on tubeplus so I could get caught up on it. I loved it! It’s about a writer who helps a detective solve crimes after a criminal uses the plots to his novels to murder people. I hope I didn’t butcher that. They left us hanging but the new episode comes out September 29, 2014. I am waiting impatiently!

Under the Dome is another… uh, interesting show. It’s by Stephen King. Directed by Stephen King. I don’t even know where to start. A dome mysteriously appears over a small town in Maine (probably Maine). Although I noticed a lot of inconsistencies (like the nuke the dome and everything outside the dome is a barren wasteland one show… the next show everything on the outside is lush and green and back to normal) I really find it interesting. I am into season two and it goes from “I can totally see that happening” to “Remove reality, insert Stephen King.”

Person of Interest is the show I am working through. Very very interesting. An ex-CIA operative (assumed dead) gets recruited by an eccentric billionaire who built a machine that gives them numbers (social security numbers) for people who are either about to be in danger or about to cause danger. I really like this show and my oldest son also enjoys it too.

Movie of this week! We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. I cried. I won’t lie. I totally cried during a kid movie but I love Hiccup and Toothless even more than before now.

Now your turn! What shows or movies do you enjoy?

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Caution! Mom is Brainstorming!

After last week, I started thinking of things I can do from home that would actually earn some income while I fight with disability. Please, feel free to add your ideas.

The work that I can do must have these things…

  1. I can lay down when I need.
  2. Prefer a job where I can sit. Or has little standing.
  3. No cold calling.
  4. No phone calls, period.
  5. I must be able to sit.
  6. No leaving home to show products.
  7. I will deliver products though.
  8. No paying money to make money. If I had money, I wouldn’t need work.
  9. I don’t like hostess things because it exhausts me too much. One party would wipe me out for a week.

I am sure I can think of something. So far I have worked on the children’s books but I am running into some issues. My scanner won’t scan the images I made so that you can see them. Any ideas how to fix this?

I took a picture from my phone and it’s darker and easier to see than the scanner. Here is a pic of my drawing. I messed up on the bottom part, but I think children’s books illustrated and written by me would be totally fin to do!

This is my drawing of my cat, Sweetie. Not bad for starters.

This is my drawing of my cat, Sweetie. Not bad for starters.

I could continue blogging and use associate links. I love blogging! So that is something I am considering seriously.

That’s it. Books and Blogging. Can you tell I love to write?

Now I am trying to think of other writing jobs I can actually do.

I don’t like writing places where you submit work and so do thousands of other people. Then they pick the one they like the best and they win… and get paid. For the time and effort, you get nothing. I am not wasting my time!

I also don’t like places where you get paid by popularity or places where they you pennies for your hard work and dedication.

And I refuse to work for someone who takes my work and won’t let me have any say about what happens to it, but leaves my name on it.

I am picky about it. I loved Associated Content, but Yahoo! bought the company and I boycott Yahoo! You can’t open a webpage with the word “yahoo” in it because I have them all blocked. That’s how much I don’t like Yahoo!

Other than that. I am looking at Children’s Books and Blogging for fun. I think I can handle that!

If this is disjointed, it’s because my medication makes me loopy. I’ll figure out a schedule for posting unmedicated later.

This gives me a little hope for my future and makes me feel so much better about myself.

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Filing for Disability

I filed for disability back in December. I figure that I can’t depend on my ex forever. I can’t get a job because no one will hire me. Hell, I have days where I’m thrilled  I can dress myself. Most days I need help for a lot of the things I do.

Why? What’s Wrong With You?

Well, when I walk, I get this horrible grinding feeling in my back like someone is putting a vice grip around my spine. It gets very difficult to walk and I have sharp shooting pains that run up and down my back and into my legs. At times it hurts to stand up straight.

That’s the part that gets to me. It’s not all the time though. Thank goodness because I’d be a hot mess if that was my life all the time. Sometimes, I feel like my legs are falling asleep but not quite numb enough to actually be asleep. Sometimes I still fall because, suddenly my legs stopped working and aren’t there. I call this “AGH! My legs left me!”

I can’t lift anything over, like maybe five pounds… sometimes 8 pounds, at the most. I know the paper said I could lift 3-5 pounds safely, 8 pounds occasionally, and 15 pounds rarely.

I also have costochondritis which flares up a lot. When it does, I can’t lift my coffee cup high enough to pour coffee into my mouth. I love straws.

Just so this doesn’t get too long, I put down on the disability paperwork, that I have spondylosis, 44 documented food allergies, anaphylaxis to 6 (or so) different things, Heat allergy that can lead to Angioedema attacks and anaphylaxis (only once so far), a bulging disc, and some other problems.

Each one by itself isn’t difficult. But you put them all together and it’s pretty difficult to have a life.

And What Did Disability Say?

They said that I can do some other kind of work besides work as a certified nurse assistant.


Okay, let’s go to the job listings here and see what other jobs I can do. I’ll pick the first five I see that I have the education for. So, nothing that needs associates or anything like that.

Job #1: Motel Housekeeper: I couldn’t lift anything. The lifting requirement is out of my field at 50 pounds. I would be on my feet a lot. I am sure they don’t want me falling all over the place. I can’t clean my own house most days, must less 20 or so rooms.

Job #2: Bank Teller: Oh no. I would be on my feet all day long. You throw in background noise and I can’t hear you. I don’t answer phones because I can’t hear very well. Actually, I can hear it’s just I can’t understand what is being said. But being on my feet is a no-no. I would be falling all over the place.

Job 2A: Police Officer (Not qualified but I can dream… right?): *GASP* Add in a girly squeal too! I would love to be a police officer. BUT, I can’t lift, I can’t do strenuous work, and I can barely drive myself to the store without dying from pain. So no to being a police officer.

Job 3: Fence Installer: Oh WOW! They pay good too! But I can’t lift 100 pounds. Nope. And it’s outside. So sunshine and heat.

Job 4: Restaurant Cook: Okay, one, long days standing and cook. Two, I can’t lift the required lifting of whatever they want, I can’t bend down, I can’t stoop, I can’t touch turkey or peanuts, I can’t get too hot in the kitchen, AND I don’t have a reliable winter time vehicle to drive the 24 miles one way each day that I work. I couldn’t drive that by myself if I wanted to.

Job 5: Waitress: First problem I always run into is that I don’t have one year experience working as a waitress. Beyond that, I would fall from being on my feet, I can’t lift 25 or more pounds (for one of the ads), and I can’t work in a fast-paced environment because I walk slower than a dead snail. No, seriously. I am so slow it’s ridiculous.

Now, What Job Can I do?

Oh and I forgot to mention the pompholyx on my feet. It is nasty. If I wear shoes, it flares up until it feels like my feet are burning and then they swell. So no shoes unless absolutely required.

I would write more, and I am going to, but I can’t make money at it. I am working on kid’s books but, I can’t scan the drawings so that you can actually see them. I have been fighting this for a while now.

Now, seriously, what job am I going to do?

I know people are well-meaning when they point out ways to heal myself… but do you guys really think that in the last three years I haven’t tried every crazy idea that came my way? I tried yoga. Please don’t send me the link to the crippled guy and yoga turned his life around and now he’s walking. I tried yoga too. I could barely move after one month of yoga.

I am trying everything but my back keeps getting worse to the point that I question how long I will be walking and when I will end using my walker 100% of the time. I am embarrassed to use it but I do need it sometimes.

So, dear disability board… what job can you find for me, that I can do in a very reclined position, that I don’t have to talk to people, I can do barefoot, and I don’t have to lift anything.

Name a job… I will try it.

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Fighting My Inner Slacker.

I am fighting my inner slacker. It’s not the part of me that doesn’t like doing things. It’s that part of me that wants to give up, curl into a ball in the corner, and start crying.

When I started blogging, I did it out of fun! I posted pictures and updated the family. Then I started turning it into an active blog. I started trying to make money at blogging because it is something I enjoy.

Then Google Adsense banned my account for whatever reason. I still haven’t figured out what I did wrong. I switched to WordPress and started blogging a bit. And then I quit because of a lot of reasons rolled into one.

Why did you quit blogging?

I didn’t quit blogging because I wasn’t making money at it, as some of my friends think. I quit because I felt let down by Google. I am a Google gal! I love Google and all of a sudden, the entity that I love and think of as a blogging parent, banned me from one of their services. I felt like I was unfairly punished. WordPress was a new life for me. It was like moving to a foreign country to me. I wasn’t very excited about it because I was still grieving the Google incident.

I know I am putting a lot of emotion into this that could be used for something else. I am serious though. It was very hard for me to go from Google, a blogging place I had used for TEN YEARS to blog away about life, to WordPress, a totally foreign blogging platform.

I also stopped because they changed my meds and I was doing good to focus on getting myself fed each day. I still had to function enough for my children (teen boys) on top of that. If I sat down, I fell asleep. That was before the meds. I should track these sleeping spells. Anywhoodles…

I planned to pick up full force in April (as you can tell from the last post I made). The meds have thrown me for a loop and so I had to spend my waking hours (about 8-12 hours a day) on something that earns income. After all, I can’t depend on my ex forever, as awesome as he is being about my situation…

I am working on children’s books now but I don’t have one complete. I have a lot of challenges to face with that. I’ll post about that later.

How is WordPress?

Now that I have my Google moping fest done and my meds are starting to level out some, I might be able to blog a little more blogging. I actually like WordPress a lot! It’s smooth and easier to use. I don’t know why it was mentally hard for me to switch. I should have done this years ago.

I can now focus on this blog. I plan to start slow and build my momentum. How does Tuesday, Thursday, and occasional Saturdays sound to you?

That will give me a chance to figure out WordPress a little more and still have time to work on children’s books and my adult writing also.

The topics are still Home, Health, and Happiness, Family/ Friends, Food, and Fun! I want to get to six times a week again but I need to ease into it for now. I have a lot on my plate. Tomorrow, I plan on writing about applying for disability. It’s been an uphill battle for sure!

Until then, have a pleasant day!


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